Ups and Downs

I’m sitting on a lounger overlooking the beautiful beach of Long Bay resort in Koh Phangan, Thailand, right this minute.

However the last two weeks haven’t been all roses. I didn’t get to do my yacht masters offshore course and for that I put the blame squarely on the fourth person in co-ownership with my boys and I in our Ohope house.

She wanted to us to buy her out which is fine and we’d all but sorted it out until she realised she wasn’t coming out of it with the many thousands of dollars her silly little brain had dreamed up. She thought she was getting 24% (her profit share) of the whole house value, though why I don’t know. We talked about how it works often enough and she knows I put a huge amount of cash capital into it, which is not hers! So she has it in her head she’s get about $70k, not the reality of about $15k max, minus legal costs etc.

Anyway she is now trying to fight us for more. I’m so upset and angry. I have given her an amazing opportunity to make some money with no financial input of her own. The share of the mortgage she’s paid is likely a lot less than if she’d been paying rent. So she’s winning all the way. But now wants to get more at the expense of my life savings. So all this went down just after I started my course and I was devastated. I couldn’t concentrate at all. Navigation exercises I can usually do in my sleep, I could think how to start. So I pulled out. Damn her to hell and gone.

However its in the hands of our lawyers now and I’m going to forget about it until I get home. On the plus side I got to spend more time with Mehrez, and with my lovely friend, Johan. Also caught up with a few other French friends and sailing buddies. And now here I am with my gorgeous girlfriend, Ruth. Happy days.

We had a day in Bangkok which was exciting. As with most semi 3rd world cities its everything crazy, the good and the bad! Busy, fun, exotic, filthy, all kinds of different and wonderful! Also the usual cheating, lies and rip offs, but you’ve just got to keep your witsabout you! We used tuktuks, taxis and river boats, had cocktails in a rooftop (almost!) bar, walked miles and photographed half a dozen awesome Buddhas. The food is a highlight for me, so delicious and healthy.

Then yesterday it was up at the ungodly hour of 0315 to get our early flights en route to Koh Phangan. A few false starts, cancelled ferries that had been paid for, and unhelpful tourist operators later, I arrived in this lovely resort and found Ruth, totally in need of a swim and a drink! That we accomplished in record time and to maximum effect! The cocktails are €1.80. OMG! C’est dangereuse! But what the hell, I’m on holiday. No alcohol today though. We’re diving tomorrow!

So that’s about it for now. Wish me luck diving. New adventures!