2019 is a wrap.

As I said to Bernie last night, this year was a really good one – right up until 0600 on November 13th when I heard about Danny’s death.In that moment it became the worst year of my life.

I’ve done a lot this year. The boys and I had a wonderful summer together in Ohope and on our travels around NZ during the holiday period last Summer.My season in France was, on balance, great. I had a lovely boat to work on, I made wonderful new friends and spent special times with the ones I had already. I saw more of the French countryside thanks to Mehrez. I saw a lot more of the Mediterranean thanks to Lucky Wave.I got a trip to Prague and ABGT350 with Matt and Meg.I didn’t get my captain’s qualification thanks to Carly.

I did get my open water divers qualification in Koh Phangan thanks to Reefers and Lukas. I had a marvelous week with Ruth, and then looked forward to another incredible experience with Ruth, Orgest and Nina on Koh Phi Phi.And that’s when it all came crashing down.So Matt and I, along with all the family and wonderful friends, have said goodbye to our beloved Danny, in our own special way.So here I make a pledge to my sons.

To Danny – my beautiful baby, I will try to find peace in my heart again, joy in the simple things that came so easily before you died. I will miss you with every breath, every day, but I promise to try and be of good heart again for your brother. And because you were such a joy.

To Matt – my wonderful, brave first born son, you and I will make new memories as a duo, without our wingman. I’ll always have your back. We’ll carry Danny in our hearts and memories on this difficult journey forward without him. We will let his loving heart and positive energy live on in our thoughts and actions. I will love you enough for both of us, always.

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