Acapulco, Mexico.

New Year’s Eve 2019

Momo is anchored the better part of a nautical mile from shore in the lovely natural harbour that makes horse – shoe shaped Acapulco Bay.

We entered in the dark, about 0530, I was on watch, and it sparkled with Christmas – like cheer, complete with fairy lit trees on the highest peak above the city. Rugged mountains frame the city, making it a very protected harbour.I roused Bernie and we stood on deck appreciating the beauty, while trying to orientate ourselves to the various marinas’ locations. It took a while to get a reply on the radio from the harbour master, about 0930 I guess. By then we’d chosen an anchorage close to two similar looking yachts. Luckily we were told to anchor pretty much where we already had, so Bernie just said “yes, OK” and we stayed put!We got most of the entry paperwork done that day, most importantly, customs and immigration. So with passports stamped we were free to roam. That was Dec 28th.

Since then we haven’t done a lot. I get land sick every time I step ashore which Bernie finds very amusing, I think! I usually head straight to a wee cafe with decent coffee and Internet close to where we get ashore. So I’ve managed to catch up with everyone except Mehrez.BTW, Mehrez, you’re still in top spot for being my hottie! No competition over here, chéri! Central Americans seem to be, on average, a good two inches shorter than me and twice as wide. And Mexicans really are 90% very overweight. I was rather surprised but Bernie told me that they’ve knocked Americans off the top spot for being fat.

Still, the atmosphere of Acapulco is very positive and happy. I guess life here is pretty good. For us, though I suppose not for locals, it’s very cheap. We got a bottle of rum, a bottle of wine and some fruit and salad stuff the other day for US$22. And a full provisioning of the yacht yesterday for both of us for two weeks was about $110.Bernie and I have just taken the local bus into town. Bloody hilarious. The very young driver (he looked about 16) played super loud EDM, real bangers and hash stuff, which I totally enjoyed. Bernie was highly entertained that I got Shazam out! And he pulled the tail on a stuffed monkey to make the horn work! Great experience!

This video doesn’t exist
Another thing is, there are so so many different law enforcement agencies, armed men everywhere. They’re carrying serious weapons too, and often have face masks on, so quite intimidating, potentially. Even the banks have armed guards.The town is bustling and lively and I find the atmosphere good for a fractured soul. Music non stop, smiles and bright colours. There’s worse places to be!

One thought on “Acapulco, Mexico.

  1. Lovely reading your blog Sarra.
    Gosh your life on the sea continues to have so much action.. thank God you 2 alerted that boat to avoid a collision.
    I wish you a safe and loving new year. Xx


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