A New Year – for better or worse

Wednesday 1st January 2020.

I’m finding it hard to utter the words “happy new year”. As Matt said, it felt wrong to leave behind the last year that we had Danny in it. Life will never be the same. I can’t wrap my head round it.

Bernie and I took our rum and lime up on deck just before midnight to watch the fireworks. We’d seen the barges in place earlier in the day, a dozen or more dotted around the bay. One was moored very close to Momo so we were lined up for a front row seat.

Acapulco is lovely at night and the display really was spectacular, with just enough breeze to take the smoke away as it progressed. We stayed on deck, yarning, with another rum, long after the fireworks were over. Boats started returning to the marinas, weaving around us.

I happened to look out over the starboard bow and saw a boat heading directly for us. I said to Bernie “That boat needs to alter course. Right now” and got to my feet to start yelling at them. Bernie joined me but they kept coming. The boat was overloaded with passengers and, way too close for comfort, some noticed us and relayed, presumably, to the skipper. They slowed but didn’t stop and the only reason they didn’t hit us was because Bernie and I both leaned out and fended them off. We physically grabbed their bowsprit and pushed them off to the side. The skipper finally got his dumb head into gear and went into reverse, yelling that he couldn’t see us.

Well, duh! I think we got that point loud and clear. The dickwad was steaming along with all their interior lights on and no navigation lights at all. Plus there were so many people on board he wouldn’t have seen through the throng ahead of the vessel. Idiot. It was no bloody wonder they couldn’t see us. We certainly had our anchor light on. I tried to get the boats name, to identify it for today, but they turned off all lights and went completely dark. So I couldn’t read the name.

We were a bit nervous after that so stayed on deck with a hand held light that we shone towards any boat heading our way. To be fair, it can be hard to see anchor lights against the back drop of the city, but that is exactly why you stick to the pilotage channels and don’t fucking drive right through the middle of a designated anchorage. And you keep a decent lookout and use your navigation lights. WTF! These things are in place for a reason!

So we’re feeling like we dodged a bullet this morning. Poor Momo would’ve been in rough shape if they’d rammed us. Not to mention the very real possibility of drunk guests from their boat either injured or in the water, or both.

This is a typical taxi here! Picture 6′ Bernie and me and groceries folded into one! And the name of this fast food outlet made us laugh. Do you think something got lost in translation?


We sailed off the anchor and exited the bay around 1615 this afternoon. The wind is WNW so we’re having to tack our way north. Its slow going but Momo is tripping along nicely. Its nearly 1900 now and I’ve just sent Bernie off to rest. It’ll be hard on him with all the tacking non stop. It’s a beautiful evening though.

We’re heading to Mazatlan first, probably, where I’m trying to persuade Fizz to meet us and join for a bit!

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