At the Whim of the Wind

January 10th @ 0842.

I’ve just seen that on Xmas eve we thought we’d make Puerto Valarta in 6 days or so. Haha. The weather gods must’ve laughed their butts off. 16 days later we’re still not that far north! Bernie says its the slowest sailing he’s ever had, lol, such incredible light winds, day after day.

We’ve just arrived at Tenacatita, dropping the anchor around 10pm last night in the dark after creeping ever so slowly in, trying to see the rock in the middle of the bay the chart told us was there somewhere. We didn’t spot it till it was past and well off to our port side! Of course, with no engine available as back up, we had to sail onto our anchorage, but it went smoothly and the minute we were holding we literally dived on the bottle of wine I had sitting waiting below! Then I made tortillas for dinner. Bernie is so easy to please on the food front which is marvelous. Y’all know how much I love cooking! We had rum for dessert. As usual.

Neither of us, pair of stinky sailors that we are, having crashed without showering last night (probably just as well our rooms are at opposite ends of the boat!), have put our heads out the hatch yet this morning. I’m lying in bed contemplating coffee, lazily hoping Bernie might do it first! He’s likely thinking the same thing! We’ve been going for a week, pretty much, so deserve a little tlc.

We’ve had a bit of cell phone coverage the last two days, as we’ve tacked close to land and there’s quite a few biggish towns along this part of the coast. But none in this anchorage, dammit. So I guess we’ll have to go ashore.

0925. I made coffee!

Poked my head out to see the beautiful bay we’re in. We’re anchored a long way away from the other vessels, lol. It looked so close in the dark. Better safe than sorry! We can move when there’s enough wind!

I have a confession to make. I’ve been using this pretty little china mug without a handle for my cold drinks. Upon announcing, a while ago, that it was my favourite cup, Bernie admitted it was Michelle’s favourite too. But I’ve broken it. 😦 I lost my balance coming down the ladder and dropped it. I feel very bad. Bernie was just relieved I did it and it’s not his head on the platter, charmer! We exonerated me a little by deciding it would’ve survived the 2 metre fall onto hard ground if not for the little chip in the lip which must’ve weakened it!

Did I mention we thought we saw a whale a couple of nights ago. Bernie spotted it but by the time I got topside, all I saw was a flick of the fluke as it dived. But it was a very large tail!

1512. It’s 34 degrees outside. Decent breeze so we’ve moved into the bay a bit more. Bernie’s asleep. I think worrying about the engine has worn him out.

It looks like we’ll be here a while, as Bernie has to order a reconditioned injector pump for the engine, then wait for it to get here to install it. I think he can do that himself. So I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to leave Momo, really, but on the other hand I probably need to get home with enough time to see if there’s any legal stuff I need to get done before the Mediterranean season starts again. Or I could stay until March, fly straight to join Matt for a bit, then go home. Or stay in France. Don’t know!


We had some potentially good news this morning. The local boaties do a radio net each morning at 0915 on channel 17. They check arrivals in the Bay and who’s leaving, ask if anyone needs assistance of any sort and mention any social things. It’s pretty good really. So Bernie piped up and said about our injector pump woes. Blow me down if a guy didn’t radio in to say he might have one not too far from here. So we’ll see how that goes. Bernie’s going to check it out. Today he’s taking ours out.

This morning we noticed huge fish in the water near Momo. So we got in the water with snorkeling gear and the spear gun. Bernie got one first shot. I was very impressed with his Hunter abilities! So we’ve added trevalley to the menu. It’s a very dense red meat, almost like beef! Much appreciated. He’s going to smoke most of it I think.

I dreamt of Danny last night, more precisely, of our last night together. The night before I left for France last March 31st was a lovely balmy warm evening. Danny and I sat outside on the deck at Ohope with wine and bufti, chatting into the small hours. How I wish I could have that back. Needless to say I woke up feeling a bit delicate and every little thing has set me off today. Just one of those days.

I just talked to Matt, which makes me feel a lot better.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I had a hard fall in Acapulco. We were striding along a street and there was a water leak across the footpath. It turned out to be slimy and I went flying. Took a decent chunk out of my left knee, bruised my tail bone, but the worst of it seems to be my left shoulder. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a rotator cuff tear. Hot damn, it’s sore and weak, plus I can’t sleep on it and it keeps me awake. Bloody nuisance but can’t do much about it at present. The main problem is I find it difficult to haul myself back on board after swimming. That aggravates it too!

I’ve seen a few beautiful jelly fish in the water. They’re apparently not dangerous and change colours so prettily when you get close. Nature really is the coolest. I need an underwater camera!