Tenacatita, Mexico


January is half gone already, along with two months since Danny’s passing. I still feel like I’m living an alternate reality. I also feel as if I’m escaping or hiding from that reality by being on board Momo. But this has been wonderful for me and I really am in no rush to leave. However, a letter from my lawyer regarding Danny’s estate reminds me I have obligations to fulfil and so I must return home in the not too distant future.

Bernie and I are anchored in the Bay of Tenacatita, South of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s a lovely, sheltered bay and popular with cruisers, judging by the 28 yachts already here when we arrived. As I said in my last blog, I think, we’ve got to get the injector pump fixed so yesterday Bernie took it to some guy he heard about on the local boating radio net.

We took the tender across to La Manzanilla and Bernie took a taxi from there, to meet this bloke. I explored a bit, made a few touristy purchases, and took advantage of the local restaurant WiFi.

After we got back to Momo, lighter by one pump but having replenished fresh produce, we decided to go snorkeling off some rocks near our anchorage. It was magic. So many different fish, corals, abundant kina and I even saw a huge black and white striped sea snake. We only got out because we were getting chilly.

Today we got ourselves up and doing early, to go on a dingy trip up the Tenacatita mangrove creek. High tide was 1030 so we wanted to be doing this an hour either side of high tide. It was fantastic. The most stunning array of bird life, some of which we don’t recognise but including herons, Ibis and roseate spoonbills. My phone camera couldn’t really manage the long shots but Bernie got some good ones with his good camera which he’ll put on a USB stick for me.

Bernie’s been working this afternoon and the most energy I’ve expended was cleaning the dingy! And swimming. It’s hot. Again! I need to think about dinner at some point.

Matt is booking my tickets for Tomorrowland. I’m so excited to be going this year. We’ll all be going hard out on Danny’s behalf! I’ve booked an apartment in Antwerp for the week at the end of July. Matt and I are also planning a trip together, just the two of us, in March maybe. A start to making our new memories. See, we’re trying hard.

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