Sunday 09.02.20 @ 0520!

If Bernie had a dollar for every time I’ve wailed “I don’t want to leave yet”, he’d probably have enough to cover all the work he’s got planned for Momo before sailing to New Zealand!

Reality is staring me in the face and I’m not ready! Being here has been wonderful on so many levels and got me through the toughest time imaginable. I’m intensely grateful to Bernie. He’s been the best of friends and shipmates that I could ask for.

We’ve spent the last few days trying to get the TIP (temporary import permit) for Momo. At least, Bernie has, and I keep him company and offer empathy in the many frustrations that have ensued! The right hand of Mexican officialdom doesn’t know what the left is doing, it seems. We’ve traipsed up and down the coast from Puerto Vallarta to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, being shunted from one person to another. Still haven’t got the TIP.

On the bright side, I got a cup to add to the collection from round the world that Matt started.

A very necessary accessory!

Then there’s the amusement I get every time we take the tender ashore. Bernie taunts the roosting pelicans on each return. They are always lined up on an old boat moored close to the beach we head to. He loves to make them lift off, lumbering into the air like overloaded cargo planes. They’re not the most elegant of birds!

We had an evening out at Ana Banana’s again, with more civilised results (in other words, we can remember getting home in much better fashion than last time!) and equally good live music.

This video doesn’t exist

And, massive treat, as we were sitting in our usual evening spot on Momo’s bow, with our sundowners, a couple of whales cruised close by us. Like really close! And they just lounged about slowly, looping under the bow so close to our anchor. I was super excited, which I believe entertained Bernie as much as the whales!

The video’s dreadful, spoiler alert, because I was too excited to concentrate on the camera! But I did get the whale at some point!

Such a nice way to end the day, under a full moon. Even if I am feeling melancholy about leaving.

Monday 10th – my last full day 😭

We had a really lovely day yesterday. Bernie worked till about 1100, then we headed ashore to get the buses to a little place up the coast called Sayulita.

Upon getting to shore in La Cruz, the first thing I saw was a VW with the Tomorrowland emblem on its door. What’s the chances of that here!

Karen, off SY Utopia, had recommended Sayulita as a nice day trip. And so it was. Quaint and supremely picturesque, with colourful art work everywhere. We were both thoroughly enchanted and had to keep rescuing each other from oncoming vehicles or holes in the ground (everyone wanders along in the road & the pavements in CHC are smooth compared to here!) we were so distracted!

Note the kid under the skirts of Senora de Guadalupe! Not sure what that’s all about! Couldn’t read the Spanish.

The beach is a famous surfing beach, which is why we bussed there instead of sailing, and taking the dingy ashore. Plus, local buses are always an experience! Ours broke down yesterday and we all got sardined into an already full bus!

Calm day though so Ohope Beach like waves!

We had lunch local buffet style, which as Bernie bemoaned, was meat heavy, but I was a happy carnivore as we’ve not eaten much meat the last two months! A couple of Bloody Marys washed that down. We caught the bus home feeling content and rather overfull.

It was a much less eventful return journey, I’m pleased to say, and I think we’d have both snoozed if the suspension in the bus hadn’t been so bone jarring!

Andrew messaged me as we were nearly back in La Cruz, to invite us to listen to a live band playing at the Green Tomato bar. So we met him there and dammit if the band didn’t stop two songs after we arrived! So we finished our drinks and went back to Utopia to see Karen.

The American couple we’d met with them in Punta Mita turned up too, and Andrew & Karen’s youngest two kids, Max & Ava, were there. So it was great to catch up with them all before I left. I’ll miss them all and hope to see them in NZ later in the year. They all plan to sail out this year, arriving around November.

But I’m going to miss this special friend, shipmate and partner in wine crime most of all! Thank you so much for letting me be here, Bernie. The worst time of my life has also, weirdly, been one of the best.

And no day on Momo is complete (at anchor) without sundowners on the bow!

It’s 0611. I think today’s plan is gentle! Bernie’s got to do some translation work as trying to chase the TIP has kept him away from that rather more than he’s happy about. I’ll do laundry and pack. 😭😭😭😭

I must remember Lola and Jana’s wetsuits, which they need back home in NZ.

The Weather Gods are Laughing

03.02.20 @ 0335!

I’ve been awake for 2 hours listening to the rain on my hatch. Rather nice actually. Bernie is awake too and has opened the water tanks to catch the rain water now the decks had a decent wash down!

We’ve had a very productive few days. The sail is mended, Bernie has made a new wind vane. I’ve been up the mast twice – once to retrieve the old vane fitting and retape the spars and once to install Red the Rooster! I’ve also done some sikaflexing of the deck and whipped a few lines. Bernie’s translated and done other maintenance jobs.

We had planned to sail either yesterday or today but the weather gods have decided yet again to tease us. There’s very strong winds forecast and the bay we plan to head to doesn’t offer much shelter. So we’ll stay here a bit longer. Its a nice place to be anyway. We can swim by the boat and watch the whales and dolphins swim around us!

Might have to do a wine run soon though! Our day usually ends sitting on the bow together with a drink, solving the problems of the world, then stretched out on the settee watching a movie or TV series. Meals are a bit hit and miss. I usually make a cooked breakfast around 9am. Then lunch is anytime from 1300 to 1600! And dinner can be popcorn if lunch was late, or tortillas if we’re hungry! This is when we’re at anchor! All bets are off at sea. Things happen when they happen, under way! We’re not big on routine!

I’m not looking forward to leaving. Momo has been a good fit for a heart broken Mum. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at home though. And can’t wait to see Matt in Malta in April. I might have to come back!