Caleta San Juanico 17.05.21

Having left Loreto two days ago in a decent SW wind, giving us over 7 knots, and expecting to make San Marcos over night in the predicted weather window, the winds promptly died two hours in. So we anchored at Isla Coronados again and resumed heading north about 10am yesterday. We had reasonable wind off and on for 6 hours but had only made San Juanico by 1630. So we have anchored in the southern part of the bay, west of all the amazing rock formations around Punta Mercenarios.

Today has been almost flat calm all day so we’ve decided to stay and do some serious fishing on the gorgeous reef here. We’ve hunted twice today, getting 3 this morning and 7 this afternoon. I’ve got 5 of them. Still having spear teething problems. I think Bernie has beaten the band issue but the string needs replacing. It knots too easily and finally broke this afternoon. I got two trigger fish, a grouper, a grunt and a wrasse. Pretty happy with that. We’re going to get more tomorrow and smoke it all. Lasts longer that way. Then head on north.

18.05.21: Amazing morning’s spear fishing. We got two buckets of fish so can smoke it all, hooray. I got the most massive Maori fish either of us has seen. We’re pretty sure it’s a type of grouper and excellent eating. So I’m about to suss out a recipe for it. Prize catch! I think I finally got a “well done” out of Bernie! He’s filleting the rest with the cats help. They love it. He shot a small snapper so we’ll have that for breakfast tomorrow. The other 6 fish and the ones we got yesterday will be smoked. Can’t wait. This is a great spot. I wish I’d known about it when Matt and Meg were with us. The snorkeling is beautiful. There were bright yellow anenomes on one big rock and they closed when you touched them gently. So gorgeous. And the most enormous moray eel – eeek.

19.05.21: I sent another at anchor message from the InReach this morning as we’ve been here longer than expected. We’d originally planned to sail straight up to San Marcos but the winds been so fickle we decided to stay until we got a decent weather window. After all, we’re not time constrained so might as well enjoy the journey.

I baked muffins today, savoury cheese ones. We had two each with our sundowners. Nice little bonus. Wish I’d known they were so easy years ago!

Bernie has been smoking the fish today. Its a fairly long process but the results should be worth it. As soon as he started putting the smoker box together, the cats were getting in it!

20.05.21: I’m sitting in what we’ve dubbed Matt’s Spot, on the support structure for the solar panels. It makes a great elevated seat, just in front on the self steering gear. We’ve got a lovely ESE breeze and are humming along beautifully at around 6 knots. Punta Pulpito is coming up on our port bow, an imposing headland. Its joined to the mainland by a long low spit, so looks like an island from a distance.

We rattled our dags a bit to get going quickly this morning when this wind popped up. It’s been so calm the last few days, so we want to make the most of the good sailing. Once under way I made eggs and tomatoes with the smoked fish Bernie did yesterday. So delicious!

21.05.21: We’re anchored in Bahía Santa Inés, having arrived about 11pm last night. The wind favoured us almost the whole way up so a lovely sailing day. Only had to motor the last couple of miles as it dropped and backed into the North. Bernie had a few rums on arrival but I decided a no alcohol day was in order! Crashed into bed with the gatitas! This morning has just been putting away sails etc. Quiet really.

I’ve messaged with some of the folk we met here at New Year’s. Diane and George Powell, and their son Tom, & as wife, Kathy. They’re going to come for drinks tonight. Should be fun.

Jack’s latest favourite thing is sleeping on top of me!

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