Bee Stings & other things!

Today is the 6th of June. It’s early evening now, a light SW breeze keeping the temperature manageable and not a cloud in the sky. As always. Even though the weather is utterly perfect all the time here, I still find myself saying jolly nearly every day  “it’s a gorgeous day”! I can’t help loving that each new day is warm and sunny. I appreciate it.

Bernie and I were just discussing, a couple of evenings ago, how much time we spend just watching the world go by, gazing over the sea, simply enjoying the beauty around us. We never get tired of seeing dolphins, whales, rays, the underwater life when we snorkel. The abundance in this unique area is wonderful, reassuring; though I often think how astonishing it must’ve been in decades past. Yesterday we counted nine trawlers in this small area. If it were just local fishing pungas and cruisers like us fishing, I think the sealife here would be even more wondrous. I do wish they’d outlaw those indiscriminate fishing methods. When we fish, we only get enough for our meal or a couple of days, only what we aim for, no bycatch, no bait fish required, no damage to the surroundings. It’s sustainable.

We had a fairly jolly evening with Patrick and Sherrie last night. I’d taken Patrick on his first spear fishing jaunt. He really enjoyed it, like me, a fan of the fact you’re snorkeling and fishing. You get to see the beauty around you as well as try for food. It wasn’t good visibility unfortunately and not many fish around (where do they go on the days we don’t see many!) and we came back empty handed. A rare event actually. But it was still fun and he’s determined to get his own gear now. I’d baked some muffins though, so we took a couple over to Falkor for him! Sherrie doesn’t like them! And Bernie and I rolled home in the dark, in a soft dinghy! I think las gatitas have put claw holes in it! Oh well!

This morning I decided the time had come to put the shade cloth up again. It’s getting hot now, over 30°C routinely. The shade cloth makes a big difference, shading a large chunk of the boat while still allowing air flow. The cats have both given their stamp of approval, moving from the saloon floor to the cabin roof! They’re hot on the trail of flies night and day. I like to think they’ve learned bees aren’t the best target species to chase but Bernie thinks that’s too optimistic. He could be right. I got stung today while sitting on deck reading. A bee snuck up my dress and stung me on the panty line. Most inconsiderate!

Falkor headed for Santa Rosalia this morning, after a slow start according to Patrick! They haven’t been there before and are taking a berth. Sherrie needs to see a doctor. I think she might have a perforated ear drum. They’ve offered to bring us back more food and drink, bless them. Saves us having to go any time soon. Bernie’s busy with work which is good.

World Ocean Day – 7th June. I’ve celebrated today’s focus on our oceans by going spear fishing (got a nice wrasse) and snorkeling, as well as sitting on deck watching the big rays hunt near the surface. Really, I celebrate sea life every day.

8.06.21: This morning I did a beach clean up, making a little bonfire on the shore and burning any litter I found, along with our burnable stuff. We rinse out cans and glass for recycling when it’s available.

While that was happening I snorkeled, with a sharp eye out for sting rays buried in the shallows! There’s lots of them but you can usually spot the areas they like and avoid swimming directly over them. They stay put as long as you’re not too close above them.

I got a couple of photos of starfish near the show too, the ones I call Rasta Hats!

There were also a lot of fish skeletons, hammerhead sharks and rays included.

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