Feliz Cumpleaños, mis Gatos Dulces! ðŸ˜»

02.07.21: It is the kittens’ birthday week. They are one year old so I guess I have to start calling them cats. Maybe kitty cats! They’re such dear wee beasts and give us so much joy. They’re quite different personalities, Jack more nosey and bold, Alex more vocal and gentle. Until they’re scrapping, then they battle so hard with each other but seldom use claws!

Their favourite pastimes are watching Bernie fillet fish, knowing they’ll get a wee treat, and chasing flies or bees (the latter a dubious option, entailing frequent stings!). In fact, we’ve all been stung but it seems to have little effect on the cats. They certainly know which is which!

They spend their time where we are, following us around like we each have our own “familiar”! And in the heat of the day (roughly 0930 to 1930!) they lounge upside down, bellies airing, legs in all directions! They’re very trusting and assume we won’t stand on them when, for example, they collapse right at the bottom of the stairs! They’ve also become thoroughly smart boat cats and haven’t fallen in since January! Even when racing about on top of the shade cloth. Maybe coz the water was so dammed cold that time, it imprinted more strongly!

Other than being entertained by las Gatitas, we’ve been relatively busy. Bernie is getting a good amount of translation work, we’ve both been doing maintenance jobs, lots of snorkeling and spear fishing as required. I’ve got pretty efficient too.

We’ve had a couple of quick runs to Santa Rosalia for supplies and spent time with two lots of boating friends. Patrick, Sherrie and their two kids on Falkor 4.2, and some friends of Bernie’s, Jake and Bergundy on Sassafrass! BBQs on the beach are a current fave evening.

It seems incredible that the year’s more than half gone. Matt and Meg are back in the UK. They’re going to motorbike round Wales and Scotland soon. We hope to head north in a week or two, to Bay of LA. No internet there so we’ll let everyone know before we leave here! The big sorrow of recent times was the postponement of Tomorrowland again. Next year, fingers crossed. So I’m thinking I’ll fly home for the Summer, and catch up with everyone in NZ.

3.07.21: The water was super naturally clear this morning. Bernie had work to do and his ears are giving him a lot of trouble (not that he’ll listen to the onboard nurse about it) so I went snorkeling alone. Spent nearly 3hrs in the water. The visibility wax incredible. I took a few pics. There were few large fish species around which I found interesting, and no turtles. Some days they’re abundant, others not. I wonder where they go!

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