Isla San Pedro Mártir – Bahía San Francisquito – Isla Partida – Animas Slot.

3.08.21: One of those days. It was after mid morning before we got enough wind to sail, a nice southerly. Seeing a WNW course for San Francisquito, Bernie organise the Stay and Yankee sails while I adjusted the course. With a strong tidal current pulling us north we’ve had to point higher than expected.

We put the lure out but the boobies kept diving on it. Fortunately they are the most useless hunters! Really not the smartest birds! However eventually one got its foot hooked so we pulled it in and I held it while Bernie got the hook out. Poor thing. They’re so tame though, and don’t panic when you hold them. It was fine and I’m sure will heal easily. However we gave up having the line out.

1717: We’ve got 5nm to go, light wind and making only 3 knots. No rush though and it’s been a lovely sail. I had one of those huge tidal waves of grief wash over me today. The unfairness of it all, the disbelief that I will truly never see Danny again. Fuck, it sucks big time. I sat on the bow and raged and cried. Gotta get it out of the system. And carry on.

Poor Bernie is always sweet and kind about my melt downs. And then I feel a bitch because it makes me low, short and intolerant after one of these times. Everything annoys me. I’m best to hide in my cabin and read. That way, his habit of doing half the dishes, or not washing hands after a pee, or leaving a sharp knife lying on deck for me to get stabbed with, or making me repeat everything three times, etc etc, won’t end up with me regretting my temper! He doesn’t mean to be thoughtless, it’s just the way he lives in his head, not the real world!

We have had incredible amounts of algae today. Huge blooms of yellow over miles of sea. Quite remarkable. There’ll be some very happy whale sharks around! Not that we saw any today, just one lone sea lion. Making a racket, of course! I’m pretty sure they’re related to seagulls and politicians; they all love the sound of their own voices.

We arrived in San Francisquito about 1730, tidied the sails etc, and relaxed.

Thursday 5th August : 1800. Today’s been the worst since coming back after Danny died. Thanks to Bernie’s complete lack of sensitivity. He has to “know everything” and started asking me really deeply probing questions about how I felt about the way Danny died, not being there for him etc. It knocked me for six and put me in a really catatonic state. I went to bed and slept basically for 24 hours. He said he couldn’t wake me. I couldn’t wake myself. He sailed from Bahía San Francisquito to almost Isla Partida before I even knew we were moving. It was a wild ride too, he said. But I was totally out of it. When I did wake up, I was as weak as a kitten and shakey, just like after I first got the news of Danny’s death. It scared us both and I reckon he won’t try to satisfy his dammed intellectual curiosity again.

7.08.21: It’s early morning and I’m finally feeling okay again. I was still pretty weak yesterday but felt more normal by evening. We talked about my triggers and his inability to read social cues. Things are alright between us but I was pretty angry with him for a bit.

On a brighter note, we have Polaris (Nell, Tylor, Bohdie and Kai) with us. Also Manta, their friend Steve’s trimaran. We met them all in the Marina Seca while hauled out in February. So we’re all anchored here in Isla Partida together. It’s great to have another woman around! We’ll likely sail in tandem for a while.

1430: We’ve been under way for about an hour heading to Animas Slot, an interesting looking anchorage on the Baja. It’s a great wind and we’re doing over 6 knots just on the mainsail. Polaris and Manta left a little before us and were going to go the same way, but engine problems on Polaris has decided them to head to Bahía de los Angeles. Animas Slot is small and an unsettling bay to be forced to sail on and off the anchor, with no engine back up. We had a fun morning with them all, snorkeling. Unbelievable numbers of big fish. Bernie was like a pig in clover! Hopefully I got some nice photos. Tylor thinks he can fix my spear, hooray. He’s got a welder and has a few jobs to do in Bay of LA. I’ll be stoked if he can! They’re a really neat family.

1800: We anchored at about 1600. What a magic wee bay, very sheltered and picturesque, with pink and yellow tinged mountains, Sierra Agua de Soda, circling it. We stowed the sails and got the dinghy in the water, dying for a swim! There’s a big rocky islet on the western side of the bay and we snorkeled around it. The last bit was a decent work out with strong current. The marine life continues to be astounding. We saw at least four turtles in not very great visibility. I saw a large barricuda trying to hide in a school of smaller fish. I’ve just used up some leftovers for dinner in a Mole Verde, my favourite mole sauce. We might stay here a couple of days. It’s beautiful.

I would almost kill for a massage right now……. 😜

8.08.21: A fairly busy day in the scheme of things! I’ve cooked, done a ton of laundry, by hand of course, been ashore to get sand for the cats’ litter box, put up the shade cloth and we went fishing. Well, I took my camera and Bernie took his gun. His gun is too long for me to load so I can’t fish atm. However I was rewarded – finally – by seeing an octopus while I had my camera in hand and I got some great shots. So that made my day.

9.08.21: The tide range is quite big here, especially now at Springs, about 3.2m. It changes the look of the bay entirely. One good thing, if we come back here with Polaris and Manta, we’ll know where to anchor everyone safely, having seen where the sneaky rocks are!

I’m crook this morning. Got the squits, not fun. Tummy roiling like a river in flood. Not sure what set me off, as we’ve been eating so healthily. Fish and fresh veges/salad stuff every day. Oh well, it’s one way to shed the extra pounds I’ve got on me at the moment!

10.08.21: Still crook. Thank god for rehydration sachets! They do taste unbelievably foul though, almost as bad as bowel prep for a colonosopy. Pretty rough night overall, with pangas arriving in the bay using flood lights at 0220. Then the cats got over excited by the bird sized moths here. There’s wings all over the floor this morning! Best I vacuum today.

We plan to head to Bay of LA this morning with the flood tide. You get a couple of knots pick up in this channel. It’s Spanish name, Salsipuedes, means “get out if you can”! Yachties beware. Go with wind and tide in your favour or not at all!

1000: We were underway by 0930, course NNW with a nice southerly wind and making 5 knots with 2 reefs in the mainsail. Low tide was 0835 so well get a nice kick from the flooding tide too.

I just made a Mediterranean breakfast, good clean food for an upset gut! Apart from being a bit light headed off and on, I’m fine. I think. No idea what caused it. The only thing we’ve done differently lately is eat a lot of grouper. They’re so abundant up here. Can one eat too much fish? I don’t know. Yet another thing to Google later!

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