Bahía de los Ángeles Tuesday 10th August

1300: She’s all go! Got about 40 knots from the east now so Momo has been flying. Less than 3nm to go. We’re inside Bay of LA now. Jack came outside but prudently decided to go below again!

It’s a really large bay with many islands and shelter from all directions really. There’s a hurricane hole as well. Let’s hope we don’t need that! I was surprised to see lots of those shingle fans we get at home coming off the mountains onto the river flats. It doesn’t seem to fit the geology here but what would I know! Matt…..?!

Bernie’s been on watch the last hour and a half as my gut has gone crazy again. I’m officially over it! I guess no food for me for a while. Alex came and snuggled down on my tummy, a nice soft spot, I’ll grant you! She was totally relying on me to hold her in place as we toss about! And pat her, of course. Sweet cat. Jack gets her nose out of joint when Alex cuddles me, jealous little monster. She thinks I’m her human!

We anchored at about 1330, just in time to get everything put away before a thunder storm hit! First rain in many months! Lightening makes us nervous, though. We sat in togs, enjoying the fresh water wash down! Wish it had been more. We’re a bit NW of an anchorage called La Mona. There’s a fair few flash looking gringo houses.

Bernie has been systematically going through all the lockers, doing a full invectory of his gear, over the last few days. It’s a good idea. I’m so innately organised that I wouldn’t need to, but its not usual modus operandi for him! He seems to be quite enjoying it and getting a lot of satisfaction from it. He’s found all sorts of treasures he forgot he had, and a load of obsolete stuff too. I’m actually pretty glad we didn’t cross the Pacific this year. It would’ve been on a wing and a prayer. He’s in a much stronger headspace now, which can only get better.

11.08.21: Not a good night. As if it wasn’t enough that I had to climb over all manner of stuff to get to the bathroom all day yesterday, even though I’d asked Bernie to leave a clear path for me, given the nature of my illness! He then decided to watch a ghastly TV series at full volume, long after I’d gone to bed. In the end I had to get up and ask him to turn it down. By then it was nearly 11pm. Then he came down noisily for more rum and left the saloon light on, so I shut my door. About an hour later, just as I was finally nodding off, my body having decided it didn’t need a gallop to el baño for a bit, he decided to refresh the cats water bowl (which he never does usually) and rearrange the galley (not wash the dishes, of course) in some way, clattering around heavy footed. Oh my frigging god. I finally lost patience, got up and yelled “are you trying to keep me awake?”. He said “your door’s shut”. Seriously? He thinks a thin wooden door, with slats in it, stops any noise? Give me strength. I’ve truly never met anyone who is so unable to imagine or notice the effects of their actions on others. And the intensely frustrating bit is, he’s not trying to be thoughtless, he just never sees past his own wishes and never looks ahead, just ‘does’. So I’ve had a shocking sleep and still can’t eat. Not a happy (or tolerant, sorry, Bernie) camper.

1020: Anchored about half an hour ago outside the Bay of LA Town itself. Its not very inspiring but we hope to find internet, a lavanderia and fresh food. I’m feeling really lousy and just told Bernie I’m not up to marching round town. He’s on his own this time. I’ve had another rehydration sachet.

12.08.21: It’s getting on in the afternoon. We’ve had a busy day. Yesterday we did go and use the restaurant WiFi and Bernie said he’d go and check out where to get propane and groceries while I stayed in the shade. However, in the end he just sat there with me. Funny how when he’s crook or working on translation, I have to do all the chores alone, but not when the boots on the other foot.

I am slowly improving but had another pretty disturbed night. I’m tired, without energy and fairly quick fused at the moment! So today we went and WiFi’d again, then Bernie carried the propane bottle off to get filled. When he got back he said “the supermarket is just over there. I’m hot so you can go and do the shopping.” Of course that means I have to carry it all alone as well. I did my best but couldn’t get everything and wasn’t at my best on my return. I told Bernie if he wanted beer he could carry it himself! He didn’t bother! Anyway we got the essentials.

I did get a nice chat with Matt before the internet gave out. But it was too early in NZ I think, only Lucy and Fizz being up.

This afternoon we’ve been reorganising stuff and cleaning, well, I have. Bernie wants to leave tomorrow. I tried to organise things with Dawnda but I think she was at work. We’re trying to have a get together somewhere in early September.

13.08.21: There’s a ketch anchored near us called Sara M! Her people are Robyn and Alan. They invited us over for an evening and we really enjoyed their company. They’re staying here till after the hurricane season. Alan built their yacht, a very traditional and lovely sailing vessel. Robyn is like me; loves photos! So we looked at each others pics of our kids. She has a granddaughter too.

Today we’re heading further north, planning to get to Puerto Refugio in a day or two. Bernie suddenly is anxious to get back to San Carlos and work. So we’ll be back online in a couple of weeks, I’d say.


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