On September 2nd I head to Canada and Alaska with a friend, a buddy, a relative…. Shane. It’s a memory making trip. The old Ca reared it’s ugly head for him last year, so this is a Bucket list trip. You  know that movie, it was awesome, and for all the humour they put in that story, there is definite value in the spirit of it. 

It really should not be me going but a change in personal circumstances mean I get the lucky berth, so to speak.    

I do feel a bit bad that I’m going to be away for a bunch of family events, Mum’s  birthday, Dad’s day, amongst other things.  I only hope I can make it up to them. It’s my 50th soon, I don’t care about that much, but it’s an excuse to give everyone a fun time and do something special for them all.  So I’ve started organising a family trip.  My darling sons and Dad and Mum are coming, and I really hope my siblings can work something out. 

I thought I’d posted this but, no. Better late than never.