I have to admit I’m doing this at the urging of my firstborn!! While I’m not hopeless with modern technology, it isn’t running through my veins the ways it does for my sons.

I think I might also want this to be for all the other  Mums out there who might be thinking they’ve missed the boat, that they’ve found themselves on the wrong side of 40 and it wouldn’t “be seemly” to sail off into the sunset, leaving their kids (even grown up ones) and husbands/partners to “do their own thing”.

Well, Ladies, here’s the thing! You can do it. I’m going to and I think we are all entitled to “our time”!!

I can put many labels on what I’ve been and done so far in my life. Daughter, sister, wife, mother, lover, farm girl, sailor, nurse, friend, traveler and dreamer! In the end they all just add up to me. We all have that. So if you’re sitting on the fence, climb over and grab that light at the end of the tunnel, coz it sure won’t come to you!!

I grew up in the high country on a sheep station, went to boarding school and married young, being blessed with two wonderful sons, Matt & Danny. I traveled with my husband round UK & Europe before the boys were born and joined the Navy after! I’m pretty sure my parents thought I was nuts! The boys’ Dad went back to live in England so I raised them on my own, pretty much. They were some of the best years of my life. Somehow I must’ve got something right because we never had dramas and they’ve been a joy to me always.

I swapped to nursing, doing both navy & nursing for a short time but it didn’t work. I’d started off as a sailor and commissioned from the ranks. Keeping up my navigation skills proved impossible without as much sea time as before, so I retired. Now my boys are wonderful young adults and seem to find it perfectly ok that their mother has taken it into her head to go sailing off the coast of Tanzania! My parents are managing to keep any misgivings relatively well hidden and my partner is supportive, having to remain here with his much younger daughters.

Enough rambling on! Here’s some pics, by way of introduction!


Dad mustering at Mt. John Station.

AS Sarra H-W

Able Seaman Sarra!


Danny & Matt, celebrating Matt’s Masters Degree.


Tramping to Nina Hut in the Lewis Pass.